Extinction Rebellion Women break Windows at ‘World’s Worst Bank’ JP Morgan | Extinct ion Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion UKSep 1, 2021
IN CASE OF CLIMATE EMERGENCY, BREAK GLASS: At 7am on the 1st of September 2021, 8 women lined up at the European office of JP Morgan at Embankment and carefully broke 2 windows with hammers and chisels. Wearing all black, the women used painted hammers with words such as LIFE, LOVE and CARE on them to break glass at the ‘World’s worst bank’.

Before doing so they stuck stickers to the windows that read ‘In case of climate emergency, break glass’. Care was taken to make sure no one inside or nearby the building was put at risk of harm.

After the glass was broken, the women sat down in front of the bank in a circle and waited for the police to arrive. They were wearing patches that read ‘Deeds not words’ and ‘Stop the harm’.

The action is the continuation of a campaign by people taking similar acts of careful and deliberate property damage at banks responsible for funding and accelerating the climate and ecological emergency.

JP Morgan was targeted to highlight the banks’ suicidal business model which is pushing the planet to breaking point and it is the world’s worst bank for funding fossil fuels, having invested $317bn into them since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed 5 years ago. The bank currently has no commitment to drop clients who don’t align with staying with 1.5 degrees, and no commitment to zero out financed emissions. They are also masters of ‘greenwashing’, having said they would be “powered by renewables by 2020.


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