Bush and Rumsfeld meet at Texas ranch

AP ArchiveJul 21, 2015
(8 Aug 2003)

1. US President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice walk out toward cameras

2. Cutaway – Bush and Rumsfeld

3. SOUNDBITE: George W. Bush, President – United States: “Turns out this is our 100th day since major military operations have ended, ended in Iraq. And, since then we’ve made good progress. Iraq is more secure. The economy of Iraq is beginning to improve. I was interested to note that banks are now opening up and the infrastructure is improving. In a lot of places the infrastructure is as good as it was at pre-war levels which is satisfactory, but it’s not the ultimate aim. The ultimate aim is for the infrastructure to be the best in the region. And the political process is moving toward democracy.”

4. Cutaway – Rumsfeld and Rice

5. SOUNDBITE: George W. Bush, President – United States: “You must keep the fence in the context of the larger issue, and the larger issue is: ‘Will the conditions be such that a state can emerge?’ It’s important for a Palestinian state to emerge in our judgement because the world will be more secure, Israel will be more peaceful, and more … or as importantly will have hope. But all parties must work against those who would make it very difficult to achieve the vision.”

6. Cutaway – Rumsfeld and Rice

7. SOUNDBITE: George W. Bush, President – United States: “I will never arm wrestle Arnold Schwarzenegger. No matter how hard I try I’ll never lift as much weight as he does. I think it’s interesting. I’m a follower of American politics. I find what’s going on in the state of California very interesting. I’m confident the citizens of California will sort all this out for the good of the citizenry.”

8. Cutaway – Cheney, Rice and General Meyers

9. Wide – Bush and Rumsfeld turn around and leave microphones


August 8th marks the 100th day since the end of major combat actions in Iraq.

President George W. Bush told reporters on Friday that the first 100 days of the reconstruction of Iraq have shown signs of success, and signs where a lot remains to be done.

The President had meetings Friday morning with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Vice-President Dick Cheney arrived at the Crawford, Texas ranch Thursday night for the Friday morning meetings.

The president also noted progress is being made on talks with the Israeli government on the so-called security fence that is being constructed on the West Bank.

And, asked what the he thought about actor Arnold Schwarzenegger announcing he’s running for governor of California, Bush says he believes he’ll make a good governor

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