Writing for Eos and a Broad Audience – Part 2

AGUAug 16, 2021
Are you a scientist looking to write about your research or an opinion in the Earth and space sciences for a broad audience? Eos, the science news magazine of AGU, may be the right venue for you.

Eos publishes scientist-authored articles in accessible language that focus on new and innovative research efforts, opinions that highlight scientific or cultural problems in the Earth and space sciences and make recommendations to address those problems, and features that offer overviews of a particular topic.

In part 1 of this two-part presentation, Eos Senior Science Editor Tim Oleson discussed the steps of the Eos editing process, what makes for successful articles, and several pieces of guidance the editorial staff often give to scientist-authors. Here in part 2, he walks though example articles to illustrate the points raised in part 1.

Articles mentioned in this video include the following:

“Why Sunlight Matters for Marine Oil Spills” https://eos.org/features/why-sunlight…

“Lessons from a Post-Eruption Landscape” https://eos.org/features/lessons-from…

“Exploring by Boring: Geothermal Wells as Research Tools” https://eos.org/science-updates/explo…

“Visualizing Science: How Color Determines What We See” https://eos.org/features/visualizing-…

“Earth System Modeling Must Become More Energy Efficient” https://eos.org/opinions/earth-system…

“Searching for Mount Meager’s Geothermal Heart” https://eos.org/science-updates/searc…

We encourage you head to https://eos.org/ to read more of our coverage, and to check out our Submission Guidelines (https://eos.org/learn-more-about-eos/…) to learn more about writing for Eos. Watch part 1 of the video series here: https://youtu.be/lBClc7mIGBs

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