#YALI4Ag: Youth Innovating for Resilient Agriculture International Youth Day Event


Aug 14, 2021

As YALI begins its second decade, #YALI4Ag will serve as a bridge from YALI 10 to YALI 11, demonstrating the United States’ ongoing commitment to African youth, specifically in the domains of climate change, inclusive agriculture, and food systems. This event also aligns with the United Nations’ theme of the 2021 International Youth Day, “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.”

Agriculture is the backbone of Africa’s economic development goals and is central to achieving food security for its citizens. While progress has been made since independence, many countries have struggled with transforming their agricultural sectors from being predominantly subsistence to commercial; building agricultural sectors that are resilient to environmental and climate changes; creating healthy food systems that meet the needs of their population; and, engaging youth and women in agribusiness to provide employment and enhance livelihoods. Properly supported, the sector can boost the continent’s ability to feed itself, develop continent-wide supply chains, increase Africa’s share of global trade, and boost its development. In order to achieve these goals, African countries must rapidly transform their agricultural sectors, ensuring that African youth play a more central role in the agricultural sector.

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