What Marxism Teaches Us About the Trump Moment & Capitalism in Crisis – August H. Nimtz Jr.

Democracy At Work– Aug 2, 2021

“The best that capitalism has to offer working people… that’s behind us…I think it explains… the phenomenon of “polarization”…. And it’s this shrinking economic pie, and once the pie is shrinking, there’s a tendency on the part of people to think about “How can I get the best of what’s left, the declining amount for my group, for my tribe, my people, my nation, my workplace, my factory and so on?” And so yes, I think this phenomenon that political scientists have difficulty in explaining, the polarization, the deep polarization within U.S politics can be traced to the crisis of capitalism. And Trump was a product of that.”- August H. Nimtz, Jr. This is a clip from Economic Update: “Best Years of U.S. Lie in its Past” [S11 E28] Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/Dp724UbMtrQ

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