Climate Leadership Series: Rhiana Gunn-Wright & Wawa Gatheru

Rhodes Trust – Jul 28, 2021

In this Rhodes Climate Leadership interview, Rhiana Gunn-Wright (Illinois & St John’s 2013) and Wawa Gatheru (Connecticut & St John’s 2020) talk about the importance of intersectionality in the climate movement, the origins of the Green New Deal, and what it takes to be an effective climate leader.

Rhiana Gunn-Wright is the Director of Climate Policy at the Roosevelt Institute. Before joining Roosevelt, Gunn-Wright was the policy director for New Consensus, where she worked on developing and promoting the Green New Deal, among other projects. Gunn-Wright was previously the policy director for fellow Rhodes Scholar, Abdul El-Sayed’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru is an environmental justice advocate and is currently studying environmental governance at the University of Oxford. In early 2021, Wawa founded Black Girl Environmentalist, an intergenerational community of Black girls, women and non-binary environmentalists. Wawa spearheaded Black Girl Environmentalist’s ‘Reclaiming Our Time’ campaign – one of the largest Black youth-led environmental initiatives in years – with partners including the Sierra Club, Intersectional Environmentalist, Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway.

The views or opinions expressed by participants in interviews do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Rhodes Trust.

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