How has the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the digital divide?

Rethinking EconomicsStreamed live 13 hours ago
Event Details Over the last year there has been a massive move to the use of digital technologies to navigate the pandemic. This move to digital has made the digital divide worse: as there is a continued lack of access to better technologies within marginalised communities; a lack of data infrastructure; and the high cost of data. This session will investigate the current state of the digital divide and some of the solutions.

Teddy Woodhouse Teddy (he/him) is the research manager for access and affordability at the Web Foundation and focuses his time on the Alliance for Affordable Internet’s research program. He coordinates A4AI’s research projects, conducts original analysis and research to support the organisation’s mission, and uses the team’s insights as evidence for policy change. Teddy Woodhouse

Beatriz Busaniche Beatriz Busaniche is an Argentine free information and human rights activist. She is the founder of the Fundación Vía Libre and has written for the publication La Nación. She is also the co-founder of the Argentine chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation and the head of the Creative Commons Argentina team. Beatriz Busaniche

Benjamin Akinmoyeje Benjamin Akintunde Akinmoyeje is an ICT4D enthusiast. He is a PhD (Informatics) student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, Windhoek. His research areas are persuasive technology used in mHealth application for stress management among Namibian university students. He is a member of International Network for Postgraduate Students in the area of ICT4D (IPID) and West Africa Lead, SPIDER ICT 4 Social Innovation Network.

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