FREE Bonus Webinar: Launch Your Soil Regen Career

Dr. Elaine Ingham

Started streaming 34 minutes ago
In this amazing BONUS webinar you will meet Dr. Elaine Ingham and a panel of Soil Regen Professionals who you can ask ANY questions about:

-What it’s like being a Soil Food Web Consultant, Lab-Technician or Commercial Compost Producer
-How to start your own business in the Regenerative Ag sector and what the challenges are
-What it’s like training at the Soil Food Web School

If you’re a farmer, you might want to ask questions about:

-How the Soil Food Web Approach can help you to improve your yields and reduce your chemical inputs
-What our training program offers the farmers who sign-up so they can implement the Soil Food Web Approach on their own land.

This is an “open house” session, so you’ll be able to ask ANY questions you might have.

On the panel with Dr. Elaine Ingham will be: Soil Food Web Consultants Brian Vagg and Renald Flores, Commercial Compost Producers Keisha Wheeler and Casey Ernst and Soil Food Web Lab-Tech Wes Sander. And for the first time, we’ll be joined by Graham Bell, Chair of Permaculture Scotland, instructor of our all-new Introduction to Permaculture Course. Graham has been teaching Permaculture for over 30 years on 6 continents and we are really excited that he has joined the team!

You’ll also learn about the Launch Your Lab+ offer, in which you can register for the Soil Food Web Foundation Courses for just $3,750 and get the Certified Lab-Tech Program and the all-new Introduction to Permaculture Course for FREE. That’s an amazing $2,500 or 40% OFF the total bundle value! This awesome offer just got extended by 72 hours, through midnight Thursday, July 29.

Learn more about the offer here:… This is the BIGGEST BUNDLE we’ve EVER OFFERED! To ask questions of our panel, please register here:…


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