Cecil Rhodes statue will not be removed by Oxford College – BBC News

By Michael Race, BBC News,Published 20 May

A statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes will not be taken down, an Oxford University college has said.

Calls to remove the memorial at Oriel College were reignited after a statue of slave trader Edward Colston was torn down in Bristol.

A commission set up to examine the figure’s future said the “majority” of its members supported its removal.

But Oriel College said it would not seek to move the statue due to costs and “complex” planning processes.

Campaigners say Rhodes, a 19th Century businessman and politician in southern Africa, represented white supremacy and was steeped in colonialism and racism.

He had been a student at Oriel and left £100,000 – about £12.5m in today’s money – to the college through his will in 1902. About £200,000 still remains, the commission’s report found.

Oriel’s governing body said in June last year it wished to remove the statue, a decision it said was “backed” by the independent commission appointed to examine its future and Rhodes’ legacy.

However, the college said after considering “regulatory and financial challenges” it had decided not to begin the legal process to move it.

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