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Why “Rhodes Must Fall” (RMF) Is Too Small: Rhodes Scholars and “The Overview Effect”


imageIn recent years there has been a movement among Rhodes Scholars in Oxford and former Rhodes Scholars around the world to re-examine the legacy of Cecil Rhodes in European and African history. This has led some to reassess the meta-historical significance of Cecil Rhodes as an icon in the history of British imperialism and, further, to question the enduring legacy of multiple European colonialisms in our contemporary world.

All of this is a noble and worthy cause. Yet, the problem with these considerations is that they do not go far enough. In effect, “Rhodes Must Fall” (RMF) is too small.

In the short run, it seems, the Oriel College statue will remain in place. In the long-run, however, it will fall as all facades do.

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Dr. Elaine Ingham

Historical Origins of ‘Hidden’ Economies: How economic theory has neglected some f orms of economies

Rethinking Economics

Streamed live 2 hours ago

A conceptual, economic history discussion on how economic theory has been intrinsically exclusive, of what counts as ‘work’ and what gets measured in GDP? Katrin Marçal Katrin Marçal is a bestselling author on women and innovation. Her first book “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?” has been translated into more than 20 languages. Margaret Atwood called it “a smart, funny and readable book on women, economics and money”. It was named one of The Guardian’s books of the year in 2015 and won the Lagercrantzen award in Sweden. BBC also named her one of its 100 women in 2015. Katrin works for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. In her role as a financial journalist she has had the opportunity to interview many of the world’s leading economic thinkers: from Nassim Taleb to Mariana Mazzucato. She also had the pleasure to become one of only a handful of European journalist to get an exclusive interview with Michelle Obama before the publication of her memoir Becoming in 2018.

2020: The Year Of Climate Extremes | Nightly News Films

NBC News– Premiered Dec 31, 2020

NBC News examines the devastating impacts of climate change, following a year of unprecedented climate and weather extremes. Hosted by Today co-host Al Roker, the film features frontline reporting across 3 continents by NBC News’ Janis Mackey Frayer, Steve Patterson, Morgan Chesky and Claudio Lavanga.

Top Evangelical Leader On His Shocking Resignation From the SBC | Amanpour and Company

Amanpour and Company – Jul 27, 2021

Theologian Russell Moore is one of the most influential figures in evangelical Christianity today, but back in May he sent shockwaves through his community after resigning his leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention. A leaked letter alleging “raw racist sentiment” was one of the many damning reasons he walked away, and he speaks with Michel Martin about the Church and these troubling issues. Originally aired on July 27, 2021.

FREE Bonus Webinar: Launch Your Soil Regen Career

Dr. Elaine Ingham

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Post-colonial theory in the 21st century

Streamed live 118 minutes ago

Rethinking Economics

Event Details This session will be a crash course introduction to dependency theory, and discuss why it is relevant to the 21st century. Dependency theory is a key economic theory to arise from the Global South, and is useful for illuminating how and why Global South economies have grown in the ways they have; and these economes are headed in the future. S. Charusheela S. Charusheela is the Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at University of Washington, Bothell, where her research and teaching interests focus on gender, political economy, globalization and development. Charu is the Editor of Rethinking Marxism, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Cultural Studies Association (U.S.).

1951 Refugee Convention: Life saving protection ‘more urgent today than ever’

FRANCE 24 EnglishJul 28, 2021
Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the 1951 #RefugeeConvention, a key international treaty. #UNHCR, the UN #Refugee Agency, says that recommitting to its spirit and fundamental principles is more urgent today than ever. Céline Schmitt, UNHCR Spokesperson in Paris, talks to FRANCE 24.

Cecil Rhodes statue will not be removed by Oxford College – BBC News

By Michael Race, BBC News,Published 20 May

A statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes will not be taken down, an Oxford University college has said.

Calls to remove the memorial at Oriel College were reignited after a statue of slave trader Edward Colston was torn down in Bristol.

A commission set up to examine the figure’s future said the “majority” of its members supported its removal.

But Oriel College said it would not seek to move the statue due to costs and “complex” planning processes.

Campaigners say Rhodes, a 19th Century businessman and politician in southern Africa, represented white supremacy and was steeped in colonialism and racism.

He had been a student at Oriel and left £100,000 – about £12.5m in today’s money – to the college through his will in 1902. About £200,000 still remains, the commission’s report found.

Oriel’s governing body said in June last year it wished to remove the statue, a decision it said was “backed” by the independent commission appointed to examine its future and Rhodes’ legacy.

However, the college said after considering “regulatory and financial challenges” it had decided not to begin the legal process to move it.

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Low-income neighbourhood of Naples produces its own free solar energy

FRANCE 24 English– Jul 27, 2021

In #Italy, some 1 million #renewableEnergy installations are already producing 19 percent of the country’s energy. Initiatives to produce electricity for local consumption are on the rise. One example is a deprived suburb of Naples, where solar panels have been installed on an after-school centre. In a neighbourhood hit hard by #poverty and organised crime, the project gives low-income families access to free electricity while fostering environmental awareness among young people and their parents. Our correspondents report.