After 18 years in Iraq, was all that war just for oil? (full show)

Jul 26, 2021
After 18 years of occupation, President Biden has announced a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. After hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, what – if anything – was achieved? Was the war, after all, just over oil? RT America’s John Huddy gives us the latest news. Then economics Professor Richard Wolff and energy and security expert Khaldoun Khelil share their analysis. (03:45)

Then Portland State University Professor Vivek Shandas tells us how he warned authorities about the hundreds of people that would die in a looming heatwave, but action was avoided, and his fears came to pass. (11:10)

Then RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on news that the Justice Department will not investigate the spate of nursing home deaths that devastated four states during the pandemic. Dr. Bob Arnot joins the program to discuss why a Philip Morris CEO is saying that people should quit smoking. (16:23)

And finally, RT’s Shadia Edwards-Dashti reports on the Peppa Pig phenomenon, and how the popular cartoon has American kids speaking in a posh British accent. (23:33)

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