Climate Change | U.K. issues first ever extreme heat warning – Axios

The United Kingdom’s Met Office issued its first ever “Extreme Heat Warning” on Monday, after all four U.K. nations recorded their hottest day so far this year over the weekend.

Driving the news: “The impacts from extreme heat are increasing across the U.K. due to climate change,” per a June Met Office statement announcing its new amber and red warning system to inform the public of potential widespread disruption and adverse health effects.

  • The U.K. amber warning follows extreme high temperatures earlier this month in Nordic countries. In particular, Finland is just emerging from a historic heat wave that saw temperatures hit all-time highs.

By the numbers: Northern Ireland saw an all-time temperature high of 88.1 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded in Ballywatticock, County Down on Saturday.

  • London’s Heathrow airport recorded the U.K.’s hottest temperature so far this year on Sunday, when it reached 88.9°F, the BBC notes. Cardiff recorded the hottest temperature yet for Wales in 2021, when it hit 86.4°F the same day.
  • On Saturday, Threave, in Dumfries and Galloway all recorded Scotland’s hottest temperature of 2021 when they hit 82.8°F.

Of note: “Climate change is causing warming across the U.K. All of the U.K.’s ten warmest years on record have occurred since 2002,” per a Met Office statement.

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