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Conspiracy Theories That Ran Rampant During Trumps Final Days In Office


Published on Jul 18, 2021

Michael Wolff, author of “Landslide” addresses the damaging misconceptions former President Donald Trump clung to at the end of his term.

Thousands Go Looting As South African Law And Order Breaks Down

NBC News

Published on Jul 14, 2021

Protests over the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma have spiraled into something more widespread and dangerous. Sky News’ John Sparks has witnessed it on the ground in Durban.» Subscribe to NBC News:

Floods kill more than 125 people in Western Europe

CNBC Television

Published on Jul 16, 2021

Sky News’ Michelle Clifford reports from Europe on flooding in Germany and Belgium, and towns completely destroyed by the raging waters.

Why Julian Assange doesn’t belong in prison

RT America

Published on Jul 18, 2021

This week Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight, joins Roxana Solano to discuss the imprisonment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The United States has recently assured that Assange would not endure harsh conditions if extradited from Belmarsh prison in London. But, as former presidential candidate Jill Stein explains, there is no guarantee that he would not end up in a maximum-security prison. According to Stein, he should be a free man. For this and more Just Press Play!

Art looted from war zones | DW Documentary

DW Documentary– Jul 14, 2021
Antiquities stolen in the Middle East have resurfaced in art markets all over the world. Police have joined archaeologists in a global effort to stop criminals trafficking these priceless artefacts.

The pillaging of archaeological artefacts took on an unprecedented scale with the destruction of Palmyra in Syria by the “Islamic State” in 2015, and continued with artefacts stolen from Iraq and Libya. Stolen antiquities have been exhibited at renowned galleries and sold around the world on online markets. The proceeds often end up funding more violence, including that carried out by ISIS.

In this unprecedented year-long investigation we follow special European police units and investigative archaeologists as they reveal a sprawling criminal network. From auction rooms in Paris, Brussels, and New York we trace the thread back to Libya, the new center for criminal dealers, some of whom have links to terrorist groups like ISIS.