Global Capitalism: The Challenge of China July 2021

Democracy At Work– Premiered Jul 14, 2021

The Challenge of China [July 2021]

In this month’s lecture, Prof. Wolff will discuss the following:
1. China’s Economic Growth since its Revolution (1949)
2. China’s Economic “Model” and the Global Economy
3. China, Capitalism, and Socialism
4. China versus the US: Options versus Threats

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A special thank you to the following GCLEU Super Fans whose generous support makes this lecture series possible: Christopher Vogler, Daniel Jones, Ed Cook, Heather, James and Susan Anderson, John Jones, Kevin Hill, Kimberly Hudnall Family, Kyle Wulle, Larry Jennings, Mahmood, Nooshi, Mary Marx, Matthew Kleu, Michael DeFreitas, Paul, Sharon Hanson and Dan Stevens.

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