“No Soil. No Growing Seasons. Just Add Water and Technology:” The Recent Evolution & Tragic Trajectory of the World Food System | EV & N 398 | CCTV



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Human food systems are evolving simultaneously in two opposite directions on Earth.  One direction is evolving toward high-tech/petro-intensive agriculture.  The other direction is moving toward soil-restorative and solar sustainable techniques and technologies.  Only this second direction holds promise for the long-term survival of human civilizations within the enduring perameters of Earth’s ecosystem. 

The first direction is currently by far the most prevalent and profitable and is favored by nation-states, international organizations and corporations on all levels.  The tragedy is that this approach is destructive of the top soil, water resources and biologically diversity that resilient agricultural systems require to sustain complex civilizations.  Moreover, its continued and expanded dependence upon the subsidies from fossilized carbon will ultimately assure its collapse.  Humankind now lives in a rapidly changing environment which itself is substantially the result of an abrupt shift in Earth’s climate regime resulting from the excessive combustion of terrestrial carbon in our petro-dependent civilization.  A global food system that has come to depend upon non-renewable energy sources will ultimately not be renewed.

By contrast, the soil-restorative and regenerative agricultural technologies that are emerging as an alternative to petro-intensive agriculture hold the only realistic hope for sustaining the human prospect in the future.  In addition to assuring a reliable food supply for humans themselves it re-inserts the entire human endeavor within Earth’s bio-geo-chemical cycling processes and builds the long term capacity of soils and global biological systems to sequester the excessive atmospheric carbon that is currently destabilizing Earth’s climate regime.

For related historical and ecological background material see:

As well as the work of

Dr. Vandana Shiva, Wendall Berry, David Montgomery, Tim Wise, Alan Savory and many, many more…



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