Summer Science | Day 2, part 1 | including Beauty quarks behaving badly

The Royal Society

Streamed live 103 minutes ago

Join our first full afternoon of Summer Science 2021 for exciting talks and events suitable for all ages.

Explore the Summer Science programme here: Ask your questions on as the scientists join us live. Use the codes below to join in!

Day 2 (afternoon) schedule:

12.30 PM – How has Hubble transformed our view of the distant Universe? (Slido: HUB704) 12.45 PM – Air pollution: can you catch a gas? (Slido: AP705) 1.00 PM – Beauty quarks behaving badly (Slido: BEA706) 1:30 PM – The rapidly changing world of neural interfaces (Would you connect your brain to the internet?) (Slido: NEU707) 1:45 PM – What a waste (The microbes that manage our waste) (slido: WAS708)

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