How will China feed 1.4 billion people? China’s next big boom: AgriTech and FoodTech

Pascal Coppens

Published on Jun 14, 2021

#China #AgriTech #FoodTech This video talks about the enormous historical, social and geographical problems for China to feed 1.4 billion people. To solve their challenges, China is investing in AgriTech and FoodTech. Due to a changing Chinese consumer mentality on healthy and safe food, a commercial market opportunity for e-commerce platforms and a high-priority of Beijing’s policymakers, AgriTech and FoodTech could become the biggest growth market this decade. Foreign companies in this sector and investors globally should learn about China’s obsession with agricultural industry to not miss the market window.

00:00 AgriTech introduction 00:37 Yuan Longping, father of hybrid rice 01:29 Food is like heaven for Chinese 02:07 China is agricultural country 03:27 China only has 7% of arable land 04:20 China is largest meat producer in the world 05:28 Grains to feed the country 08:31 China’s agricultural challenges 13:38 China’s new food models and priorities 16:03 Technology in agriculture 18:56 Agritech and foodtech 2.0 23:31 10 year window for investors in Agritech in China

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