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G7 nations fail to reach consensus on how to call out Beijing on human rights abuses | World News


The group of seven leaders on during meeting criticized China for its human rights abuses in its forthcoming joint declaration.

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G7 Summit: G7 approves global infrastructure plan to combat China | Latest World English News | WION

WION – Jun 12, 2021

The second day G7 Summit saw range of actions on China’s growing influence, tensions surrounding post Brexit deal and a road map for the global economic recovery from the COVID pandemic. The Group of Seven will seek to rival China’s multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative by announcing a global infrastructure plan to help developing nations.

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China’s Great Belt and Road Economic Initiative

Megaprojects– Sep 24, 2020

Last month, we told you about the highs and lows of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Today, we’re zooming out to profile the entire Chinese global infrastructure development plan known as the Belt and Road Initiative.

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G7: Biden says democracies in ‘contest with autocrats’ as G7 summit ends

Guardian News

The US president Joe Biden said: ‘America is back at the table’ as the G7 summit came to a close. Speaking in Newquay, southwestern England, after the three-day summit, Biden said democracies faced a threat from autocratic governments. He said the US was in a ‘contest with autocrats’ and that he wanted a democratic alternative to China’s belt and road initiative.

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Watch: Joe Biden names, shames China after G7; announces plan to counter BRI

Hindustan Times – Jun 14, 2021

Addressing the media after the G7 summit hosted by the United Kingdom, Joe Biden announced a plan to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The President of the United States of America took potshots at Beijing over its ‘autocratic lack of values’. Biden also announced aid of 100 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccines for needy nations. Watch the full video for more.

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G7 Nations To Offset China’s Belt & Road Initiative

Difference Frames the World– Jun 13, 2021

The video mentioned | China-Africa Relationship: https://youtu.be/0X0MU6FZUfs
by President Xi Jinping involving development, port, road, rail and digital projects in Asia, Africa and Europe. According to Refinitiv, China had more than 2,600 projects at the cost of $3.7 trillion, linked to the Belt and Road Initiative as of mid-2020. However, due to the covid 19 Pandemic, 20% of the projects have been affected seriously.

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What G7’s Plan To Counter China’s Belt And Road Initiative Means For India

CRUX – Jun 13, 2021

G7 leaders have backed a vast global infrastructure plan to rival the Chinese “Belt and Road” project. The “Build Back Better World” (B3W) project is for developing and emerging countries. The project is championed by US President Joe Biden’s administration. The aim of the project is to help countries recover from the pandemic.

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What’s behind the G7’s rival to China’s ‘Belt & Road’ initiative? | Inside Story

Al Jazeera English – Jun 14, 2021

China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ has financed trillions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure projects in the developing world.

But critics accuse Beijing of using the scheme to trap poorer nations under its influence into debt.

The G7 group of the world’s leading industrialised nations is offering what the U.S president calls a ‘democratic alternative’.

China has slammed the proposal as ‘sinister’

Will developing nations benefit?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Brett Bruen – Former Director of Global Engagement in the White House under President Obama

Sanusha Naidu – Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Global Dialogue

Einar Tangen – Political analyst

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Biden urges unity among G7 leaders with global infrastructure plan to rival China

CBS Evening News

President Biden met with G7 leaders on Saturday to call for a stronger alliance among members. The group announced a massive infrastructure plan to rival China’s Belt and Road initiative. Nancy Cordes has more.

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G7 rivals China with grand infrastructure plan


The Group of Seven richest democracies sought on Saturday to counter China’s growing influence by offering developing nations an infrastructure plan that could rival President Xi Jinping’s multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road initiative.

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