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An endangered elephant herd is taking a mysterious trek in China. Are humans to blame?

PBS NewsHour– Jun 11, 2021

It’s not a sight you see every day — a herd of elephants, leaving their home turf, making their way through southwestern China, most recently stopping in a city with millions of residents. But that’s what’s happening right now. William Brangham looks at their mysterious trek, and why they might have hit the road.

Princess Anne awards Prince Philip Medal for the first time to a female engineer | ITV News

ITV News– Jun 10, 2021

The Royal Academy of Engineering had always planned to issue a special centenary award of The Prince Philip Medal – to mark the occasion of his birthday. In its 30 year history, the medal, which recognises an individual’s special contribution to the field of engineering, has never been awarded to a female engineer. Until now.

The Queen Uses Enormous Ceremonial Sword to Cut Royal Birthday Cake at Eden Project

The Royal Family Channel– Jun 12, 2021

‘The Queen Uses Enormous Ceremonial Sword to Cut Royal Birthday Cake at Eden Project’

The Queen was presented with a giant cake in Cornwall to celebrate her official birthday.

Joined by the Duchesses of Cambridge and Cornwall, Her Majesty toured the Eden Project.

The botanical garden in Cornwall is currently hosting world leaders for the G7 summit.

After being shown around the centre, the Queen was offered the chance to cut her cake.

Despite a traditional knife being available, Her Majesty went for a more unorthodox method, using a ceremonial sabre to do the honours.

‘Enjoying yourself?’: Queen jokes with G7 leaders in family photo

Guardian News – Jun 12, 2021

The Queen caused G7 world leaders to break out into laughter as she cracked a joke when they posed for a photo at an evening reception hosted by the monarch on Friday. ‘Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?’ she asked as they posed for photographers, to which Boris Johnson could be heard replying: ‘Yes, definitely. We have been enjoying ourselves in spite of appearances’ All the Queen’s presidents: Biden joins long line of US leaders to meet royal

Bernie Sanders on Reforming the Tax Code

NowThis News – Jun 11, 2021

‘We have a regressive and unfair tax system’ — Sen. Bernie Sanders explained why he was ‘not shocked’ to see that billionaires pay little to no income tax.

Why 15 Elephants Went on a 500-km Journey in China

Sixth Tone– Jun 9, 2021

China continues to follow the journey of 15 wild Asian elephants as they trek through Yunnan province, disrupt the lives of local residents, and leave behind damages in their wake. So why did they stray from their usual habitat?

Why A Herd Of Elephants Is Crossing Thousands Of Miles In A Rare Journey Through Southwest China

CRUX – Jun 9, 2021

Meet China’s wandering elephants. These wild Asian elephants are on a unique journey. The roaming herd of 15 wild elephants is on a 500-kilometre trek that has captured the public’s imagination. The herd began its journey northwards more than a year ago, travelling from a designated elephant protection zone in Xishuangbanna, near China’s border with Myanmar. It is unclear what prompted the herd to head north, but conservation efforts in Yunnan over the past decade have seen elephant numbers double, putting land and resources under increasing strain.

‘Ring of fire’ | Incredible solar eclipse

RT – Jun 12, 2021

Some areas of the world such as Yakutia in Russia, Eastern Canada and West Greenland were lucky to see a so-called ‘ring of fire’, when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, leaving only a thin, shining ring of the Sun visible.

How 100,000 Satellites Will Change Earth Forever by 2040

RealLifeLore– Jun 11, 2021

How India ran out of oxygen

Vox – Jun 11, 2021

And why does this keep happening?

In April 2021, India began registering some of the highest numbers of Covid-19 cases in the world. When that happened, the demand for life-saving oxygen soared too. But India wasn’t able to keep up, adding avoidable deaths to a second wave of Covid-19 that has devastated the country. The oxygen shortage seemed to have caught India off guard. That made the news in this pandemic, but India has run out of oxygen before. So why does this keep happening?

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