Forests vs Solar A False Choice

Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative

May 28, 2021

This presentation explored the value of forests, tensions associated with large-scale solar installations, and tools for town officials and citizens to make wise planning decisions for their communities. Event panelists are state and regional experts from the Woodwell Climate Research Center, Mass Audubon and the Cape Cod Commission and include: • Wayne Walker, Ph.D., Carbon Program Director and Associate Scientist at Woodwell Climate Research Center, an ecologist and remote sensing specialist with expertise in the workings of forests and how carbon cycle science translates into climate solutions • E. Heidi Ricci, M.S., Director of Policy and Advocacy at Mass Audubon, with expertise in environmental policy and public engagement and assisting communities in building resilience through nature-based solutions and low-impact development • Jessica Rempel, M.S., Natural Resources Analysts for the Cape Cod Commission, specializing in solar siting and open space, wetland, and plant and wildlife habitat planning and protection

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