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A “Scramble for Africa” Is Underway (…once again) | EV & N 395 | CCTV




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High seas at stake as calls to adopt a global ocean treaty gather pace

FRANCE 24 English

Published on Jun 4, 2021

Marine and other scientists are urging global leaders to fast-track an international treaty to protect the world’s high seas, the vast areas of ocean that fall outside national borders, and are increasingly at risk of environmental damage.

British Imperialism: Gold, God, Glory: Robin W. Winks

  • ASIN : B0039G5GQA
  • Publisher : Dryden Press (January 1, 1963)
  • Language : English
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U.S. Finally Offers to Send Vaccines Abroad, But Lack of Global Plan Leaves Poorer Nations in Crisis

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 4, 2021

The Biden administration on Thursday announced that the U.S. will donate 25 million surplus doses of COVID-19 vaccines to developing countries, pledging to donate a total of 80 million doses by July. Economist Jeffrey Sachs says rich countries have enough production capacity to speed up vaccine distribution and immunize the whole world within the next year. “There’s massive supply, but there’s no plan for allocation,” he says. We also speak with South African health justice activist Fatima Hassan, who says the global vaccine imbalance comes down to political will. “Even now countries are still sitting around a table and talking and having long conversations instead of figuring out an urgent way to ramp up manufacturing, scale up production and get as many doses to as many people as possible all over the world.”

“We Are a Plutocracy”: Jeffrey Sachs Slams Biden for Offering to Preserve Trump’s Co rporate Tax Cuts

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 4, 2021

As Democrats and Republicans in Washington continue to negotiate over an infrastructure bill, President Biden is reportedly considering dropping his demand to roll back the 2017 Trump tax cuts — which primarily benefited corporations and the richest people in the country — in order to gain support for infrastructure spending of at least $1 trillion. Biden is offering to keep Trump’s tax cuts and shrink the size of his infrastructure proposal in exchange for a minimum 15% corporate tax rate for all companies. Economist Jeffrey Sachs says a capitulation on the Trump tax cuts would be a huge mistake for the Biden administration. “The corporations have had an unbelievable run of unjust and unaffordable tax cuts,” he says.

Forests vs Solar A False Choice

Cape Cod Climate Change Collaborative

May 28, 2021

This presentation explored the value of forests, tensions associated with large-scale solar installations, and tools for town officials and citizens to make wise planning decisions for their communities. Event panelists are state and regional experts from the Woodwell Climate Research Center, Mass Audubon and the Cape Cod Commission and include: • Wayne Walker, Ph.D., Carbon Program Director and Associate Scientist at Woodwell Climate Research Center, an ecologist and remote sensing specialist with expertise in the workings of forests and how carbon cycle science translates into climate solutions • E. Heidi Ricci, M.S., Director of Policy and Advocacy at Mass Audubon, with expertise in environmental policy and public engagement and assisting communities in building resilience through nature-based solutions and low-impact development • Jessica Rempel, M.S., Natural Resources Analysts for the Cape Cod Commission, specializing in solar siting and open space, wetland, and plant and wildlife habitat planning and protection