Insectageddon (On The Brink 2): Isabella Rossellini, Jay Griffiths, Terry Tempest Williams plus more

Extinction Rebellion

Streamed live on May 24, 2021

LIVE: Actress Isabella Rossellini, activist Jay Griffiths and American Actress Isabella Rossellini, activist Jay Griffiths and American author Terry Tempest Williams join leading scientists and fellow writers for On the Brink 2: Insectageddon.

World-famous actress and producer of the “green porno” environmental films Isabella Rossellini will headline a gathering of writers, activists and scientists to highlight the threat of “insectageddon” to insect species across the globe. In a pre-recorded video, Rossellini appears alongside acclaimed American nature writer Terry Tempest Williams, novelists Laline Paull and Chloe Aridjis, bee expert Professor Dave Goulson and the Natural History Museum’s senior curator and entomologist Dr Erica McAlister, in a battle to rescue insects from the brink of extinction. Also in conversation on the night are the activist and author of Why Rebel, Jay Griffiths, lifelong animal rights advocate Kim Stallwood, and Mexican filmmaker and screenwriter Eva Aridjis. The poet Daisy Lafarge will share new work inspired by Maria Sibylla Merian, the 17th century German female naturalist and illustrator, and the first person to depict metamorphosis. Other writers and activists will focus on the plight of the monarch butterfly in the Americas and the decline of bee populations here in the UK and worldwide.

This event follows a successful inaugural On The Brink in November 2020 that featured Margaret Atwood, Dame Emma Thompson and Ben Okri, and which commemorated Remembrance Day for Lost Species with the stories of species threatened with extinction. It was broadcast live to tens of thousands across the world.

On the Brink 2: Insectageddon, organised by the group Writers Rebel, and compered by award-winning writer Laline Paull, author of The Bees.

Join us for an exploration of insects, the largest and most diverse group of organisms on Earth, and the perils they face. The time to act is now.

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