City-to-city cooperation for sustainable urban food systems

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations– May 24, 2021

This video presents a recent FAO support for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on food waste reduction between 3 cities: Milan (Italy), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kigali (Rwanda). It highlights city-to-city cooperation benefit. The project is in line with FAO’s Urban Food Agenda and responds to the challenging urbanization pace: by 2050, urban population is set to reach 68 percent, with 90 percent of this increase occurring in low-income countries. Cities already consume up to 70 percent of the food supply. Population growth and rapid urbanization exacerbate the limits of our current food systems. It is time for local governments to participate in food systems transformation and to adopt circular approaches. City-to-
City cooperation is key to help local government build innovative policies.……


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