Dividing America for Profit

Facing Future

Published on May 20, 2021

The American political system is broken. Right and left fling the most toxic, often ridiculous, statements about each other, to the delight of extremists. Who benefits from this narrowing of our minds – the political industry! Making millions from every campaign, trafficking in fear and hate, lobbyists, strategizers, poll takers, and advertising agencies serve special interests to the detriment of the country. Bill Shireman, is the co -founder of #EarthX, a Texas- based organization, dedicated to bringing all sides together to overcome polarities, and drive solutions to the climate emergency that threatens our entire planet. We need to take the growth out of #economics. Instead of producing and consuming endlessly, we need to establish a sustainable economy based on the realities of ecology. Science tells us that there are limits to the resources of the Earth, and to its capacity to absorb our polluting industries. Aiming for a critical mass of just 5% of the voting public, 5 million Americans, spread across all 50 states, EarthX hopes to reverse our destructive and divisive paradigms, with the recognition that our dollars and votes can be used to tip the balance in favor of our survival.

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