Investing in a Boston Harbor Coastal Resiliency Layered Defense System – Funding Options

Environmental Business Council of New England

Published on May 13, 2021

The comprehensive regional coastal resiliency infrastructure system that is necessary to prevent the existential inundation of the fifteen Boston Harbor municipalities that flood through Boston Harbor will cost billions of dollars regardless of whether it is a wholly land based system or a layered defense system consisting of a regional harbor-wide sea gate system to protect against storm surge and local municipal sea walls to protect against sea level rise.

In order to ensure the timely and cost-effective construction of a Boston Harbor regional coastal resiliency system that saves lives, protects property, and meets our social justice and environmental goals, state and local policy makers must consider all available finance options now and move expeditiously to have a regional “shovel worthy” plan that can optimize federal, state and local funding.

This EBC Climate Change webinar, co-hosted by the Environmental Business Council of New England, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Advisory Board, and the Suffolk University Real Estate Center, will focus on funding options for a regional Boston Harbor coastal resiliency system that would protect the fifteen cities and towns that flood throughout Boston Harbor.

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