Bernie Sanders Launches Blistering Attack on Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

By Alice Hutton, The Independent

05 May 21

Senator Bernie Sanders accused Republican senator Mitch McConnell of making ‘the rich richer’ in America

Senator Bernie Sanders unleashed a blistering attack on Mitch McConnell during a rally in the Senate minority leader’s home state over the weekend.

The 79-year-old, who shot to fame for his progressive, left-leaning policies during two failed bids for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016 and 2020, appeared at a rally with former state representative Charles Booker in Kentucky on Sunday, who continued to hint at a potential run against Republican senator Rand Paul.

Outside the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, the senator from Vermont focused on Kentucky’s other senator, McConnell, accusing him of obstructing bids to improve health care and decrease poverty whilst reportedly raising funds from banks and corporate giants, as reported by The Courier Journal.

Mr Sanders said: “As we speak, Senator McConnell is leading the effort against the long-term structural changes that working people in Kentucky and throughout our country desperately need.”

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