⚠️ LIVE: Rebellion of One – Hundreds of people block roads across the UK

Extinction Rebellion

Streamed live 74 minutes ago

At 11am May 1st, two years to the day since the UK Parliament declared a climate emergency, over 200 people across the UK are taking part in #RebellionofOne​.

In multiple courageous acts of nonviolent civil disobedience, people are sitting alone in the face of oncoming traffic in towns and cities around the UK – including Scarborough, Weymouth, Birmingham, Oxford, Ipswich, Lincoln, Canterbury, Newcastle, Portishead, London, Newquay, Swansea, Bangor in Northern Ireland and many more.

We’ll bring you live to several of these actions during the stream.

This vulnerable act of peaceful civil disobedience by people across the UK shows the fear and frustration felt by many at the failure of the UK Government to take the climate and ecological crisis seriously.

Two years on from Parliament’s declaration of emergency and emissions are going up, airports are being allowed to expand and £27bn is being poured into roadbuilding. Boris Johnson recently announced that the UK would ‘toughen’ its climate targets, pledging to cut emissions by 78% by 2035, compared to 1990 levels.

This Government is good at creating positive headlines on climate, but the organisations tasked with monitoring their progress tell a different story… In December last year, the National Audit Office found that the government UK Government is predicted to fail to meet its existing climate targets and said that a radical reassessment of priorities was needed.

Two years and the Government still won’t accept the severity of the climate crisis, but we refuse to be bystanders while the world burns!

Similar Rebellion of One actions have already taken place in other countries, including in Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.

The actions this morning come at the start of a day of mass protest around the UK to oppose the Police, Crimes, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

This was live-streamed by the XR Live Streaming team whose mission is to Tell the Truth and spread the news that mainstream media is failing to do. Have some feedback? http://xrlivestream.tv/feedback​ Any questions or projects then drop us a line at xrlivestreaming@protonmail.com

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