OpenIDEO – Challenge: ‪The Food Systems Game Changers Lab‬


This is a call to action for those with hands in the soil, pans on the stove, and everyone in between to help transform the planet.

The United Nations Secretary-General is hosting the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit to spearhead transformation of our world’s food systems to work for people, planet, and prosperity. The event will push beyond the bounds of food and agriculture to include solutions that take into account environment, health, climate, economy, human rights, and more. In the UN’s words, this is a “solutions summit that will require everyone to take action”—and the UN Food Systems Summit is engaging directly with diverse communities around the world to bring their ideas to the table. They also call it “a people’s summit.”

EAT, IDEO, Thought For Food, and The Rockefeller Foundation have joined forces with the organizers of the 2021 UN Food Food Systems Summit to discover and support ideas, enterprises and initiatives that have the potential to transform our world’s food systems.

The Food Systems Game Changers Lab opens the doors for you to join a global community of food systems solvers around the UN 2021 Food Systems Summit.

Submit your ideas, innovations, and initiatives to The Global Open Call on OpenIDEO before May 14:


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