Welcome to Earth Night 2021!

Greenpeace International

Streamed live 14 hours ago

This is Earth Night Live: An epic ten-hour stream of panel discussions and live music focused on the role of music and culture in inspiring climate action.

Stay tuned, and catch us live all day at http://earthnight.org

SCHEDULE (All times in -CET) 14:00​ – 15:00​ The climate crisis is here. What can music do about it? 15:00​ – 16:30​ B2B DJ Sets 16:30​ – 17:30​ Music in (climate) action; how fans and artists are taking a stand. 17:30​ – 19:00​ B2B DJ Sets 19:00​ – 20:00​ What does the future sound like? The Climate Sample Pack 20:00​ – 21:30​ B2B DJ Sets 21:30​ – 22:30​ What does the future look like? A DJ created vision for the industry 22:30​ – 00:00​ B2B DJ Sets

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