“An Apocalyptic Situation”: Indian Hospitals Overwhelmed as COVID Cases Soar in “Modi-Made Disaster”

Democracy Now! – Apr 22, 2021

We go to Mumbai, India, for an update on the state of crisis in the country as COVID-19 cases surge and hospitals run out of oxygen. India recently recorded 315,000 new cases in a single day, the highest daily toll in any country since the start of the pandemic, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has continued to hold large campaign rallies. Public health experts have blamed the surge on a number of factors, including the government’s reluctance to impose another round of lockdowns, the spread of a double mutant variant of the virus, a recent Hindu festival attended by millions, and a slow vaccination drive. India has led efforts to force Big Pharma to waive patent rights on COVID-19 vaccines, but the United States and other wealthy nations have blocked such a move at the World Trade Organization. “It is an apocalyptic situation in India right now,” says journalist Rana Ayyub. “Clearly, we have not learned our lessons from the pandemic last year.”

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