Silent Earthrise – (Experiencing the “Overview Effect”) – a New Perspective on Life on Earth, the only Blue Planet in the known universe

Tim Weiskel – Apr 20, 2021

Until recently, only a limited few astronauts were able to view the “dark side” of the moon — the side which remains “hidden” to viewers from Earth. Recent moon-orbiting spacecraft launched by the Japanese, has now made it possible, however, to view the surface features of the “dark side” of the moon.

As a feature of circling the moon in that manner, it has now been possible to watch an “Earthrise” as it was captured by the cameras photographing the dark side of the moon’s surface.

In less than 4 minutes, this short video allows all of us to view life on Earth and our common humanity from a new perspective, never previously seen except by a few astronauts.

The importance of the perspective of these few astronauts has been highlighted by the life-long work of Frank White, — a former Rhodes Scholar who returned after his graduate work in Oxford to teach students and inspire fellow faculty for several decades through the Harvard University’s Extension School.

See, for example, his work entitled: “The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution: Frank White
The Overview Effect: Freethink@Harvard

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