Cape Town Suffers Harshest Drought In A Century

Journeyman Pictures – Apr 3, 2018

A three-year drought in Cape Town means that “Day Zero”, the day when the city must cut off its water supply, is now a real possibility. The city’s residents are doing everything they can to save water.

Cape Town is experiencing its worst drought in 100 years. Ian Neilson, Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, fears that “Day Zero” would be catastrophic. “The social economic implications are enormous.” The city’s residents, rich and poor, are working hard to conserve water. Julia Lee, who lives in a middle class area of the city, says her attitudes to water conservation have been transformed by the crisis. “Every single drop of water that you see going down the drain freaks you out.” Goshi Kwezi, a resident of the township Gugulethu, believes that the water crisis has been a great equalizer in a country still recovering from apartheid. “Now at least everybody is going to be equally restricted with water. It’s not about colour now.”

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