“Who will Tell the Children?” Toward a Pedagogy of the Suppressed



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Pedagogy for a Survivable Future – Our Educational Systems
Had Better Change If We Expect to Survive

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In 1993 William Greider published a book entitled:“Who Will Tell the People?” in which he exposed the multiple ways in which corporations and government authorities systematically subverted democratic institutions and marginalized the public to cut privileged deals for the sake of private profit and the appearance of streamlined government.  Agreements were routinely made through what became known as a process of “deep lobbying” whereby corporations and those government agencies that were supposed to regulate them would meet behind closed doors and “negotiate” deals.

At the time, there seemed to be virtually no qualms about these procedures among those concluding these sweet-heart deals.  The only major question after these corrupt agreements had been reached was: “Who would tell the public?” That is, who was going to be given the task to spin out the narrative to dupe the people into believing that their best interests – and, of course, the good of the economy and the country —  had been served?

Three decades after Greider’s book we now find ourselves in essentially the same dilemma on a massive, inter-generational scale across all cultures.  Although it is widely acknowledged by rational minds around the world that unfettered capitalism is now launched on a suicidal trajectory for humankind, the question for us has become simply: who will tell the children?  

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