Poisoned for Profit: Kim Elia on Detoxing from Toxic Pesticides

Organic Consumers Association – Apr 1, 2021

Gluten sensitivity. Leaky gut. Digestive issues. Weakened immune system. Thyroid problems. Vaccine Injury. Cancer. These and other health problems can be caused or exacerbated by Monsanto (now Bayer)’s glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup, the farm chemical we’re exposed to more than any other. Kim Elia teaches a 7-session course on detoxing from this toxic pesticide with his colleagues at Whole Health Now. In this interview, we’ll get a sampling of the information provided in the course, from the sordid history of these politically powerful pesticide companies, to the impact of glyphosate on the body, to how heal from pesticide poisoning.


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