Environment, War and Conflict

University of California Television (UCTV)

Published on Mar 27, 2021

(01:38​ – Intro, 02:47​ – War and Public Health, 27:32​ – The Global Refugee Health Crisis, 43:56​ – Climate Change and Human Health in Africa, 1:00:38​ – Lessons from the Human Rights and Humanitarian Experience for Climate Advocates, 1:13:38​ – Q&A) This presentation explores how climate-fueled catastrophic environmental events have, and will increasingly, force mass displacement of populations within and across borders. Notably, as described by the United Nations, refugees, stateless people, and the internally displaced often reside in climate change ‘hotspots’ and may be exposed to secondary displacement. Recorded on 03/02/2021. [4/2021] [Show ID: 36857]

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