Partnership for Policy Integrity


March 2021

MassLive, March 23. Springfield City Council enlists Conservation Law Foundation in fight against Palmer Renewable Energy biomass plant

Commonwealth, March 18. Despite his claims, science is not on Vic Gatto’s side

Popular Science, March 18. Burning wood pellets won’t help us fight climate change

MassLive, March 8 Palmer Renewable Energy can’t greenwash its emissions away

January 2021

MassLive, January 21. Massachusetts should say ‘no’ to biomass incineration in future energy policy

WBUR’s Earthwile, January 12. The New Climate Bill Won’t Make Or Break A Proposed Biomass Plant In Springfield. But Another State Plan Will

MassLive, January 4. Massachusetts Lawmakers Deal Blow to Springfield Biomass Plant

December 2020

Daily Hampshire Gazette, December 31. Scrutiny persists over biomass plant in Springfield

MassLive, December 25. Sens. Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren oppose Springfield biomass project by Palmer Renewable Energy (paywall)

WHMP, December 23. A Poison Pill In The Environmental Bill

Climate and Cities, December 22. Why are we paying people to burn trees?

WBUR, December 22. Mass. Has Strong Rules About Burning Wood For Electricity. In 2021, It Plans To Roll Them Back

November 2020

MassLive, November 25. Phrase ‘non-carbon emitting’ needs to be removed from climate bill (Letters)

De Telegraf (Vienna), November 5. Take the plunge: Is the minister the first to show that forest combustion is not a climate solution? (paywall)

October, 2020

The Narwhal, October 23. Yukon’s climate plans rely on biomass. But is it actually good for the environment?

The Boston Globe, October 21. In the nation’s asthma capital, plans to burn wood for energy spark fury (paywall)

Prince George Daily News, October 8. Conservation North claims old growth being logged for pellets

September, 2020

Saur Energy International, September 28. “Green” Credentials of Biomass Energy Challenged by Korean Solar Industry

July, 2020

The Real News Network, July 20. The Battle Over ‘Clean Energy’ Estimates

Euractiv, July 14. ‘Not all biomass is carbon neutral,’ industry admits

Inside Climate News, July 13. The Wood Pellet Business is Booming. Scientists Say That’s Not Good for the ClimateENDS, July 6. Campaigners appeal in court case over EU support for wood burning (paywall)

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