LSE Africa Summit – The Global Crisis as a Catalyst for Change in the Post-COVID-19 Moment

The Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa is delighted to invite you to the

2021 LSE Africa Summit: The Global Crisis as a Catalyst for Change.

Join us virtually on 27–28 March to explore how Africans can drive positive changes in local communities following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year all registrations are free.

Notable speakers include:

  • Under Secretary-General Cristina Duarte, Special Adviser on Africa to the United Nations Secretary-General, and former Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Cape Verde
  • Her Excellency Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, former African Union representative to the US
  • Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Ugandan human rights activist, poet and medical anthropologist
  • Lady Phyll, political activist and co-founder & director of UK Black Pride

Register to attend

About this event

The theme of the 2021 Africa Summit acknowledges the incredible period of reflection that 2020 has provided. As a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic, this year has forced the world to take stock of where we are, recognise social, economic, and political limitations with a view to stark improvement.

In this context, the collective strength of communities has never been more apparent. We see that through the impact of grassroots movements striving towards social justice and the mobilising of groups on the ground to make fresh demands of decision-makers. This has been supported through solidarity protests led by Africans outside of the continent. For Africa, this is a moment of reinvigoration. With an engaged and impassioned generation, we have a unique opportunity. The question is, how will Africans drive positive change in our own societies following the global crisis that is the Covid-19 pandemic? We will be addressing this question through three ‘dimensions’: governance, social and identity.

This theme provides the space to continue questioning the status quo and demands agency to be taken at the individual level to forge change. The pioneers and agents that we refer to are not only the speakers and panelists who, in their own right, are leaders within their field. We also refer to the participants of the Summit, whether on the continent or in the diaspora, who have already contributed, continue to contribute, and seek to partake in the way we address change across Africa. This Summit calls for participants to consciously criticise, interrogate, identify gaps and engage in innovative problem-solving but also, to recognise the milestones achieved thus far. We seek to create a proactive environment in which everyone with a stake in Africa’s future is demanded to do more – remaining passive and complacent is not an option.Alongside the main session programme, a Career Fair provides a unique opportunity for students, employers and participants alike to meet and engage with one another, establish professional relationships, and discuss potential jobs and/or internship opportunities. In attendance are highly reputable firms and a pool of talented individuals at the LSE and other leading institutions in the United Kingdom and across the African continent.

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