Nothing Can Grow Forever – Bill Shireman & Trammelll Crow

Facing Future

Published on Feb 3, 2021

Trammell Crow & Bill Shireman join Dale and Stuart for a lively exploration of where we agree and disagree concerning the political-economics of the climate and ecological mess humanity is making of the Earth. The clearest agreement that emerged from this lively and pertinent chat was that #NothingCanGrowForever​. We were mostly in agreement, despite our differing political affiliations, which relates back to the concept in their book and Part 1, that we’re all #InThisTogether​.

This portends ‘trouble’ in a modern civilization based upon a defective economic system and its marketplace, both of which presuppose and teach ‘limitless, exponential growth’ in nearly every business school. Eventually there’s got to be a ‘reckoning’ of aiming for the impossible… limitless economic growth, called ‘uneconomic growth’ in Ecological Economics.

That reckoning is the current ‘showdown’ between Nature and humanity, a confrontation that will culminate either in a #Collapse​, either of human population or Nature…. or both.

Part 1 of this conversation is at

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