In This Together – Bill Shireman & Trammell Crow

Facing Future   Published on Jan 14, 2021

We are all ‘In This Together,’ as Trammell Crow and Bill Shireman have couched the essence of our eco-political dilemma in the US. The ever widening divide between Republican and Democrat, Conservative and Liberal, wealthy and modest means – to name just a few of the ways we frame our differences – has prevented us from coming together on the things most important to the flourishing and even the survival of civilization and our species, Homo sapiens.

In this pivotal book, our authors seek to awaken all of us to the necessity for us to abandon our differences and instead realize that we are indeed all #InThisTogether​. Enjoy the relief from our current politics of opposition, and if you like, enjoy the book.

Part 2 of this conversation is at


Nothing Can Grow Forever – Bill Shireman & Trammelll Crow

Facing Future – Feb 3, 2021

Trammell Crow & Bill Shireman join Dale and Stuart for a lively exploration of where we agree and disagree concerning the political-economics of the climate and ecological mess humanity is making of the Earth. The clearest agreement that emerged from this lively and pertinent chat was that #NothingCanGrowForever​.  We were mostly in agreement, despite our differing political affiliations, which relates back to the concept in their book and Part 1, that we’re all #InThisTogether​.

This portends ‘trouble’ in a modern civilization based upon a defective economic system and its marketplace, both of which presuppose and teach ‘limitless, exponential growth’ in nearly every business school. Eventually there’s got to be a ‘reckoning’ of aiming for the impossible… limitless economic growth, called ‘uneconomic growth’ in Ecological Economics.

That reckoning is the current ‘showdown’ between Nature and humanity, a confrontation that will culminate either in a #Collapse​, either of human population or Nature…. or both.

Part 1 of this conversation is at

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