The Verdant Age – Balancing Civilization with Nature

Facing Future

Published on Feb 25, 2021

Our times demand a spirituality that can encompass the enormous challenges of the #ClimateCrisis​, brought on by our misunderstanding of man’s role in the cosmos. Guy Lane proposes a new philosophical approach, which he calls Vita, referring to the whole living system of our planet. He finds that, while there is no contradiction between science and spirituality, the world’s religions, which predate the scientific revolution, have yet to fully address the Anthropocene, where man’s actions have desecrated the natural world.

We have always hungered for meaning. But that ‘hunger’ has been filled with junk food, plastics, and all the products that a delusional economic system, based on the impossibility of #EndlessGrowth​ has fed us. Instead, we have to ground ourselves in a philosophy that fulfills our real purpose, which requires that we integrate productively and synergistically with the rest of the biosphere. How we fill that hunger will determine ‘if’ and ‘how’ we might survive.

If we act as #WisePlanetaryStewards​, we can bring on a #VerdantAge​ where a new civilization can potentially continue in balance with Nature for millions of years. Otherwise, we will rapidly and catastrophically overheat the atmosphere and the oceans within the next decades, and bring about the end of life on our planet.

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