Why the Usual Suspects Can’t Save the Planet – The American Prospect

To achieve global climate justice and arrest climate change, small-scale food producers, Indigenous people, and workers must be at the table.

by Nikhil Aziz, Shalmali Guttal

March 12, 2021

This year heralds a historic moment—one in which we must ensure an equitable and more effective global approach to climate change. It’s time to review and strengthen past global agreements to use every ecologically sound lever to reverse the climate crisis and achieve climate justice. To that end, we must ensure that every relevant party is at the table, including local small-scale food producers and Indigenous communities that are close to the land. We must understand that transforming how we raise, grow, cultivate, and distribute what we eat is essential to achieving climate justice.

From an environmental, economic, and social perspective, the new administration of President Biden must reject global corporate agriculture and support local, small-scale farmers and fishing communities. Small-scale food producers create sustainable food and jobs across the globe. They cool the planet’s climate, regenerate biodiversity, and nurture land and water quality through agroecological practices like agroforestry and crop rotation.

By empowering and protecting local food producers, we can tackle climate change at the root. Anything less than putting local agriculture at the center of climate justice will fail.

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