GREEN GROWTH: A Guide to Post-Pandemic Economic Sustainability

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Can we achieve healthy growth, the kind that is more regenerative than wasteful, more equitable than unjust? Per Espen Stoknes and L. Hunter Lovins believe they have the answers. Both are experts in the field, having written books that offer blueprints for an inspiring regenerative economy that avoids collapse and works for people and the planet.

L. Hunter Lovins is President of Natural Capitalism Solutions helping communities and countries implement more regenerative practices profitably. Hunter has just written A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life. Time Magazine recognized her as a Millennium Hero for the Planet.

Per Espen Stoknes is a psychologist who now serves as director of the Centre for Sustainability and Energy at the Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

The purpose of this new TRANSFORMATIONS series is to consider how the pandemic has affected your life and the lives of those around you, both short and long-term. How have things changed and what will the nature of our new existence be going forward into a post-pandemic world?

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