The Coronavirus Exposes America’s Public Health Crisis: Racism

GBH Forum Network – Mar 9, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic is the most devastating health issue of this century. It has disproportionately impacted African Americans and other marginalized populations, heightening awareness of racism as the root of America’s public health crisis.

Dr. Christina M. Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science at Fordham University, moderates a discussion in three parts to examine the impact of COVID-19 and the need to retool healthcare to improve health outcomes for African Americans and other marginalized people. Covid-19 researchers from Moderna share the most up-to-date information about the vaccines. Public health officials discuss plans for vaccinating underserved communities in Massachusetts.

This converdation also covers the historical perspective of race, medicine and healthcare in America, especially the role Black physicians and community health centers play in addressing the social determinants of health. Finally, meet the next generation of physicians and learn how they and their colleagues are working to end the existence of implicit bias in health care.

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