COVID-19: ‘we must not squander the progress we have made’- WHO Press Conference (8 March 2021) – YouTube

United Nations

Published on Mar 8, 2021

“We have the tools to control the pandemic, but we can only do it if we use them consistently and equitably. Science, solutions and solidarity remain our guide. There are no short cuts,” said WHO’s chief, Dr Tedros at the regular press briefing on Monday in Geneva.

“We have come so far, we have suffered so much, and we have lost so many, Dr Tedros said. “We cannot – we must not – squander the progress we have made.”

He also said “about 70 percent of all health workers globally are women, and they have played a key role in delivering care and saving lives. But although they make up the majority of the global health workforce, women only hold 25 percent of leadership roles in health. That’s why in February, WHO launched the Gender Equal Health and Care Workforce Initiative, to increase the proportion of women in leadership in health and care. To promote equal pay; to protect women in health and care from sexual harassment and violence at work; and to ensure safe and decent working conditions for women health and care workers, including access to personal protective equipment and vaccines against COVID-19. ”

Guest of the briefing, Oxford professor and developer of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine Sarah Gilbert, said “to increase the amount of vaccine doses that can be delivered across the world, I encourage vaccine manufacturers to form new partnerships in diverse geographical locations to manufacture, fill and distribute vaccines that are already approved. We need to work together and use all available resources to do this. “

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