Discussion of Voltaire’s Précis du siècle de Louis XV Tickets, Mon 8 Mar 2021 at 17:00

Voltaire Foundation Enlightenment Workshop

About this Event

The Enlightenment Workshop, Oxford’s interdisciplinary research seminar in Enlightenment studies, is dedicated this term to discussions of new publications in the field. The final session highlights the significance of Voltaire’s account of his own time, Précis du siècle de Louis XV, recently published by the Voltaire Foundation. The editors, Janet Godden (Voltaire Foundation, Oxford) and James Hanrahan (Associate Professor of French, Trinity College Dublin) will provide an overview of Voltaire’s Précis. The new edition will be discussed by Colin Jones, Professor of History at Queen Mary, University of London, and Síofra Pierse, Associate Professor of French at University College Dublin. More on the edition:


You will be contacted within 48 hours of the event via Eventbrite with the Zoom link.

Date and Time

Mon, 8 March 2021

12:00 – 14:00 EST

Chair: Nicholas Cronk

Siofra Pierce

Colin Jones

Janet Godden

James Hanrahan

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