How COVID-19 Might Solve the Climate Crisis

Facing Future

Mar 4, 2021

In their new book ‘A Chicken Can’t Lay a Duck Egg: How COVID-19 Can Solve the Climate Crisis,’ Graeme and Bernice Maxton argue that #ClimateChange​ can’t be fixed within the existing economic system. That system, properly called ‘growth economics,’ is predicated upon exploitation of both planet and people, and fundamental social inequities, that fuel destruction of the biosphere to further enrich rich and powerful individuals and corporations. As we have been pointing out for years, nothing can grow forever in a finite container. Growth economics is founded upon the basic believe that the human economy can grow forever, and grow exponentially at that! Last we checked the Earth was a finite container. Graeme, former Secretary General of the #ClubOfRome​, an international network of thought leaders created to address the multiple crises facing humanity and the planet, explains that the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how humanity can refrain from #EcologicalDevastation​ without causing widespread #EconomicCollapse​. As this understanding grows, so too will an intolerance for #BusinessAsUsual​. The immediate task is to build a groundswell of support for three basic but urgent goals: 1) a radical reduction in the use of fossil fuels, 2) an end to #GlobalDeforestation​, and 3) sensible reform of the agricultural system.

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