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NASA releases first images taken by Mars Perseverance rover after historic landing | ABC7


Published on Feb 18, 2021

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars today in a historic, unprecedented event. More coverage: https://abc7.com/nasa-rover-landing-o…

Krakatoa: Devastating Explosion | How the Earth Was Made (S1, E3) | Full Episode | History


Published on Jan 16, 2021

Join us as we highlight the trends that have defined us from the 1920s to now in History by the Decade

Yellowstone: Big Volcano Ready to Erupt | How the Earth Was Made (S1, E8) | Full Episode | History


Published on Feb 20, 2021

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most dangerous geological features on Earth. In trying to uncover the processes behind Yellowstone’s main attractions geologists came to a frightening realization, in Season 1, Episode 8, “Yellowstone.”

Mission To Mars: Will Humans Visit The Red Planet By 2030? | NBC Nightly News

NBC News

Feb 18, 2021

NASA’s Chief Administrator Steve Jurczyk believes the agency could be ready to send humans to Mars by the late 2030s. To make that a reality, researchers need to determine if life ever existed on Mars, if the planet has resources future explorers could use, and gain an understanding of Mars’ climate and geology. NASA’s new Perseverance rover will be a major step towards human exploration of Mars. Equipped with some of the most advanced scientific equipment, this rover will search for evidence to determine whether life ever existed on Mars, and a host of other experiments including a device capable of converting Mars’ atmosphere into breathable oxygen.

Ocasio-Cortez visits Texas after raising millions

Associated Press – Feb 20, 2021

After she helped raise more than three million dollars in assistance across the state for Texas relief organizations, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited the Houston Food Bank that is working to aid those in need. (Feb. 20)

Sen. Warren, Sen. Markey, Rep. Ayanna Pressley hold zoom call to discuss vaccine and racial justice

The Hill – Feb 20, 2021

Senator Ed Markey, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, State Rep. Nika Elugardo, President of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers Michael Curry, and Reverend Miniard Culpepper held a virtual zoom presser Saturday as they discussed the need for greater equity and accessibility in vaccinations.

U.S. officially returns to Paris Climate Agreement

CGTN America– Feb 20, 2021

The United States has officially rejoined the Paris Climate agreement. America’s re-entry upends a short-lived departure by the former U.S. President Donald Trump, a follow through on the promise by President Joe Biden to return America to a leading role in the global climate fight.

Timothy Snyder, “The Road to Unfreedom”

Politics and Prose– Apr 9, 2018

Timothy Snyder discusses his book, “The Road to Unfreedom”, at Politics and Prose on 4/7/18. Snyder’s follow-up to On Tyranny moves from showing how to resist authoritarianism to tracing the path of its recent resurgence. Starting with Putin’s consolidation of power in Russia, Snyder charts the rise of nationalists and oligarchs from Hungary and Poland to Britain and the U.S. Noting that the threat these movements pose to Western institutions aligns with Putin’s goals, Snyder advises us that they also reflect weaknesses and vulnerabilities within liberal democratic systems. As he urges us to act on the choice between individuality and totality, Snyder frames this moment of crisis as an opportunity to better understand and affirm the values and principles underlying our imperiled political order.


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Impeachment Manager Plaskett: McConnell’s Speech “Height of Hypocrisy” | A manpour and Company

Amanpour and Company – Feb 17, 2021

Former President Trump has been acquitted, but the evidence brought forward by the nine impeachment managers is still being analyzed in the court of public opinion. Among the impeachment managers was Stacey Plaskett, delegate from the U.S. Virgin Islands, whose standout performance in making the case against Trump has been widely acclaimed. She joins Michel Martin to take us behind the scenes of that tumultuous event. Originally aired on February 17, 2021.

Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis | Full VICE Special Report | HBO

Council on Foreign Relations – May 1, 2019

VICE on HBO looks at factors that led to the 2008 financial crisis and the efforts made by then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Bank of New York President Timothy Geithner, and Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke to save the United States from an economic collapse. The feature-length documentary explores the challenges these men faced, as well as the consequences of their decisions.