Climate Change Impacts & Threats│Donald Johnston, David Keith

World Knowledge Forum– Apr 23, 2020

* Climate Change Impacts & Threats(Donald Johnston, David Keith): The impact of climate change in the past 20 years is expected to take 10% of the wasteland away in the planet. That amount is twice as big as Alaska. Thirty percent of wild lands in the Amazon and ten percent of Central African wilderness have already disappeared. According to a study by UK medical journal, ‘The Lancet,’ climate change, which brings rising temperatures and change in diets, is the biggest global health threat of today and at least half a million people may lose their lives by 2050. Last year, the World Bank report stated that climate change will cause poverty for over 100 million people by 2030 due to agricultural shocks and increased climate-sensitive diseases. The impact of climate change has become one of the biggest dangers. In last year’s Paris Climate Change Conference, an agreement was made to regulate carbon emission, however, many countries are struggling by the impacts of climate change. Can the international community find solutions to confront the impact of the climate change? The solutions must be found for the future of the human society. In this session, global experts are going to generate plans to minimize the impact.

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