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CORY BOOKER: Amazing Conspiracy of Love | English Speech | English Speech with Subtitles

English Speeches with Subtitles– Feb 2, 2021

Learn English with Cory Booker. American attorney, author, and politician Cory Booker gives a mesmerizing speech as part of the Google Zeitgeist, which is a collection of talks given by people who are making their presence be felt towards changing the world. He touches a wide range of topics including parenthood, economy, policies, employment, success, and then some. The sheer power of his charismatic personality shines through this video. It is no wonder that he is regarded as an influential figure. He talks about how taking responsibility is crucial for someone’s success. Inspire yourself by watching this video here with Big English subtitles.

If Black Lives Matter, then Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist | Robert Reich

Robert Reich – Jul 14, 2020

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich exposes the hypocrisy of billionaires’ empty Black Lives Matter statements.

Wall Street banks and corporate executives wasted no time trying to establish themselves as allies of the Black Lives Matter movement, professing support for the historic protests against police killings. But when you peel back their PR stunts and press releases, the truth comes into focus: far from being the solution to systemic racism in America, these billionaires and their corporations are actively perpetuating it.

Jamie Dimon says his bank, JPMorgan Chase, must “be inclusive in our work and the neighborhoods where we operate” — but his bank shelled out $55 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit. Meanwhile, only 4% of JPMorgan’s top executives are Black.

Larry Fink, CEO of investment firm BlackRock, says that racism “must be addressed on both a personal and systemic level” — but his firm is one of the largest investors in the private prison operators GEO Group and CoreCivic.

Amazon has plastered “Black Lives Matter” all over its website — but refuses to give its predominantly Black warehouse workers paid sick leave.

Walmart recently announced that it would create a center on racial equality, but has overworked and mistreated its Black employees for decades.

Don’t be fooled by this corporate virtues signaling. Wall Street and corporations profit from and reinforce systemic racism in America. It’s time they back up their lofty rhetoric with fundamental change.

Watch More: Corporations Will Not Save Us ►►https://youtu.be/nulcmxH9FGg#BlackLivesMatter#GeorgeFloyd#VirtueSignaling

The Sedition That Nobody’s Talking About | Robert Reich

Robert Reich – Jan 29, 2021
Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why corporate CEOs taking a stand against Trump and his enablers don’t deserve any accolades.

Watch More: If Black Lives Matter, Then Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist ►► https://youtu.be/6IkT_EEwq_I​

CEOs are being hailed – and hailing themselves – as guardians of democracy. That’s after saying they will no longer donate to the 147 Republican members of Congress who objected to the certification of Biden electors, on the basis of Trump’s lies about widespread fraud.

Rubbish. They only acted after Democrats took power. Corporate CEOs didn’t save our democracy. They helped destroy it.

For years, big corporations have been assaulting democracy with big money, drowning out the voices and needs of ordinary Americans, and fueling much of the anger and cynicism that opened the door to Trump in the first place.

Make no mistake: These CEOs and their corporations don’t actually care about protecting democracy. They care only about protecting their bottom line.

Should Trump Be Charged With Treason?

Thom Hartmann Program – Feb 2, 2021

Trump’s long criminal history could culminate in a charge of treason if Democratic lawmakers have the political will to hold Trump accountable.
Do the crimes of Donald Trump reach the level of treason? What happens when we charge the former president?

Making the Great Lakes Great Again

The Agenda with Steve Paikin– Feb 2, 2021

Taken together, the Great Lakes hold 20 per cent of Earth’s freshwater, are the size of the U.K., and have more than 40 million Canadians and Americans living around them. Today, there is also much less winter ice cover and more algae blooms and invasive species. With a new president installed in the White House and a new opportunity for the Canada and the U.S. to work in harmony, The Agenda examines the health and fate of these precious natural resources.

Is Far-Right QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene the New Face of the GOP?

Democracy Now! – Feb 1, 2021

Republicans face increasing pressure to strip Georgia Congressmember Marjorie Taylor Greene of her post on the House Education Committee. Greene was elected in November 2020 and is a far-right conspiracy theorist who has promoted QAnon, supported the execution of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and claimed the school shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, and Parkland, Florida, were staged — as was the September 11 attack on the Pentagon. She also has a history of racist, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic comments. Bee Nguyen, a Democratic state representative in Georgia, recently joined other lawmakers in signing a resolution that calls on Greene to resign. “The congresswoman has proven to be dangerous, not just to our state, but to our country,” says Nguyen. We also speak with Michael Edison Hayden, senior reporter for the Southern Poverty Law Center, who says media discussions of QAnon and other far-right conspiracy theories tend to focus on how outlandish they are rather than on their hateful content. “While some of these ideas are crazy-sounding to people, I think it’s very, very helpful to start reframing it in your mind as something that is part of this drift toward anti-democratic, hard-right, authoritarian tendencies in the Republican Party,” says Hayden.

WEAP Tutorial 08.3 – Hydrology, Exercise2 Calibrating a hydrological model

Stockholm Environment Institute – Jan 5, 2021

WEAP video tutorials WEAP Tutorial 08.3 – Hydrology, Exercise2 Calibrating a hydrological model For more information: www.weap21.org www.sei.org https://www.weap21.org/Downloads/Engl…

FAO Water-Energy-Food Nexus Webinar series: Session 1 – YouTube

Stockholm Environment Institute– Feb 2, 2021

Session 1: Understanding the nexus and nexus challenges: examples from the NENA region This session covers nexus concepts and provides a framework to identify nexus challenges. Example applications are shown from around the world. The speakers are: Domitille Vallee, FAO; Annette Huber-Lee, SEI; and Youssef Almulla, KTH.

Biden May Revoke Trump’s Intel Access

HuffPost – Feb 2, 2021

The White House is reviewing whether to provide former President Donald Trump access to the intelligence briefings he would traditionally be given.

‘Four Hundred Souls’ Documents History Of ‘African-America’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

MSNBC – Feb 2, 2021

Professors Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha Blain both edited the new book ‘Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African-America, 1619-2019,’ and they join Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 02/02/2021.