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Ocean Acidification

Nature Bats Last– Jan 30, 2021

Short video describes ocean acidification and its impacts on marine ecosystems @paulineprojectlove

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EU lifts restrictions on COVID-19 vaccine export to Northern Ireland


Published on Jan 30, 2021

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The European Union (EU) briefly threatened to restrict vaccine exports to Northern Ireland by overriding part of the Brexit deal with Britain that allowed the free flow of goods over the Irish border. However, the EU backtracked as the World Health Organization warned against “vaccine nationalism.”

“Building Back Better?” vs “Building Back Badly?” – Restorative Ecology vs Resurgent “Growthism:” The Ethical Choice for Human Survival | EV & N 376 | CCTV



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Current strategies for “Building Back Better” after COVID-19 and the economic depression it has precipitated will, in fact, aggravate ecological decline and heighten the social divide between the rich and the poor around the world.

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The agriculture of the modern world has become a petro-intensive agriculture. The global food system only exists and persists through a large and continuous subsidy from non-renewable fossil fuels — for the fertilizers, the tractors, the pesticides, the pumped irrigation water systems, the processing, the freezing, the transportation, etc. Without these subsidies the global food system will collapse.

This is a very recent and quite precarious situation. In the last seventy to eighty years the human community has shifted from a solar-sustainable agriculture to a petro-dependent agriculture — just when the non-renewables are both becoming more expensive AND we are just beginning to experience the system-wide climate instabilities that our rapid use of fossil fuels has unleashed upon the world as a whole. The “green revolution” is not the solution to our food problem. Rather, to a very disturbing extent, it is now understood as a major source of our collective climate problem. The “gene” revolution will offer little that is better in this regard, for it, too, is a heavily petro-subsidized form of production.

We need to move quickly as an entire human community to rediscover, recover, revive and now create new forms of solar-sustainable agriculture to move rapidly toward a solar-sustainable food system that “fixes” carbon underground rather than “releases” it in agricultural production.

No organism or population can outlive its food supply. Agriculture is humankind’s primary production system. With the important exception of women’s breast milk, humans do not produce food; plants produce food. We cannot photosynthesize because we are on the second tropic level in Earth’s ecosystem. We need to learn rapidly how to assist plants in capturing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the Earth in continuous solar-driven cycles that in the process produce enough “food” for us to live upon.

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HS2 vs Green Recovery | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion– Jan 30, 2021

Heart wrenching 2020 saw a global pandemic highlight environmental destruction and human interference with nature from the tropics right up to our doorstep, and all the wrong ways we live now. The human assault on the planet and each other is devastating. It’s 2021, it still continues, it has to stop.

How GMO seeds have become big business | DW Documentary

DW Documentary – Jan 29, 2021

Big corporations have taken control of a vital commodity that is millions of years old: seeds. Researchers around the world are genetically altering fruit and vegetables. What effect will this development have on human health?

Today, standardized seeds are traded as if they were gold. A few multinational agricultural corporations dominate this business, and earn billions in profits. They produce the seeds in low-wage countries, where working conditions are miserable; child labor and the exploitation of women workers is common in the seed-production sector.

Genetically modified fruit and vegetables have a longer shelf-life, and look great in supermarkets — but they are often short on taste and nutritional content.

Over the past 50 years, vegetables have lost 27% of their vitamin C, and nearly half of their iron. The genetically engineered seeds help to increase yields and increase corporate profits. Older, nutrient-rich and resilient varieties of fruit and vegetables eventually die out, which reduces biodiversity.

Farmers have fewer options on which crops they grow, and consumers have less choice when it comes to buying fruit and veg.


When antibiotics are outsmarted | DW Documentary

DW Documentary

Jan 30, 2021
Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest medical challenges of our time. Among the causes are industrial livestock farming, poor hygiene in hospitals, and the misuse of antibiotics.

This documentary looks at approaches to fighting multiresistant strains of bacteria. Each year 33,000 people in Europe die after becoming infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Hygiene specialist Dr. Ron Hendrix has been working for years to prevent outbreaks of infectious disease in hospitals. Dr. Hendrix says that he and other experts in the Netherlands recognized early on that they’d have to fight the spread of bacteria just as actively as they would the actual infection.

Hendrix has convinced a number of German hospitals to re-open their diagnostic laboratories, as well. In the early 2000s, many of these labs had been shut down as a cost-cutting measure. And farmers in Denmark voluntarily chose to sharply reduce their use of antibiotics, after evidence showed that intensive livestock farming caused multiresistant bacteria to multiply.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Patrick Soentjens was able to convince Belgium’s health ministry to allow the use of “phages” to treat stubborn antimicrobial resistant pathogens. Phages are special viruses that kill bacteria. Dr. Soentjens is certain that this well-known, but largely forgotten option could save many lives. Belgium has become the first western European country where phages have been officially recognized as a legitimate medical treatment.

Very Few Pesticides Have Been Properly Tested For Safety. Also, The Lack Of Pesticide Regulations

The Real Truth About Health – Jan 29, 2021

Very Few Pesticides Have Been Properly Tested For Safety. Also, The Lack Of Pesticide Regulations by Philip Ackerman-Leist

Philip is a farmer, author, and educator with decades of experience and expertise in founding and in leading sustainable agriculture and food systems programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

As an educator, Philip is intrigued by innovative approaches in helping students and communities develop more complex understandings of sustainable agriculture, food systems, and social change. Having founded a 23 acre organic college farm and also the first online graduate program in food systems in the US, he is an advocate of hands-on experiential education and the best of what online education can offer — and revels in the tension between those two radically different approaches. As a farmer, he is particularly interested in grass-based agriculture and livestock conservation. As an author, he is driven by digging into cutting edge issues and revealing the complexities of their lessons for a broad audience.

Connect with The Real Truth About Health:

Connect with The Real Truth About Health: http://www.therealtruthabouthealth.com/


The Brutal Violence Behind Dairy Products All Over The World

The Real Truth About Health – Jan 28, 2021

The Brutal Violence Behind Dairy Products All Over The World by Will Tuttle, Ph.D.

Dr. Will Tuttle is an award-winning speaker, educator, author, and musician.
His music, writings, and presentations focus on compassion, intuition, meditation, social justice, and creativity. Creator of the best-selling The World Peace Diet as well as over a dozen other books and CDs, Dr. Tuttle presents regularly at conferences, retreats, and events throughout North America and worldwide.

A former Zen monk with a Ph.D. in education from U.C., Berkeley, he has worked extensively exploring and promoting intuition development, nonviolent living, meditation, healing music, creativity, holistic health, animal liberation, and cultural evolution. Traveling globally with his spouse Madeleine, a visionary artist from Switzerland, he present lectures and concerts of original uplifting piano music, often accompanied by Madeleine’s watercolor paintings and silver flute.In centers, he typically presents the morning special music, meditation, and message and later gives an educational seminar on developing intuition, as well as a concert of original music, “”Piano Passion.”” These are intended to generate inspiration for personal and planetary healing.

Connect with The Real Truth About Health:

Connect with The Real Truth About Health: http://www.therealtruthabouthealth.com/


Can We Trust The Pesticide Industry To Keep Our Food System Healthy?

The Real Truth About Health– Jan 30, 2021

Can We Trust The Pesticide Industry To Keep Our Food System Healthy? by Andre Leu Andre Leu is the International Director of Regeneration International. He is the Author of ‘Poisoning our Children’ and the ‘Myths of Safe Pesticides.’ He was the President of IFOAM – Organics International, the world change agent and umbrella body for the organic sector. IFOAM – Organics International has around 850 member organizations in127 countries. Andre has a degree in Communications, with a double major in Video/TV Production and Socio-political Theory. He has post-graduate qualifications in adult education. Andre worked as a professional musician for many years. As well as performing and recording in bands, he worked in film and video production. This included computer animation, sound tracks, composing music, music videos and editing.


Ali Zaidi Explains President Biden’s Actions On Climate

The White House

Jan 30, 2021